I'm Laura owner and creator of Little Things. I am mummy to three and previously worked in childcare for over 13 years!

The idea of Little Things was created in the first national lockdown while heavily pregnant and home-schooling my two children.  

As a mummy and as an Early Years Practitioner I always loved wooden toys and have seen the educational and play value they hold. While home-schooling my children asked if I could make some story spoons and little toys for them, so I did (they loved them). 

As friends and family had asked for sets for their little ones I looked into the legislation around selling toys. Months passed lots of research done and I was finally ready to test my toys. Safety is so important and is taken very seriously by myself.

All my toys passed testing and I was ready to go!

Setting up a website, testing toys, advertising, social media was all new to me and I have learnt so much. My children and my husband are my biggest fans and weather it be helping pack, giving me ideas or post office trips they are all involved in one way or another. As my business continues to grow it has enabled me to stock toys from some amazing brands. 

My little business inspired by my little people!




I'm always happy to see & hear from you. If you want to give me feedback about your wooden toys or story sacks, ask a question or simply want to say hello, please email me or use the contact form below.

Telephone: 07413924030

Email: littlethingsbylaura1@gmail.com

Instagram: @littlethingsbooks_toys_andmore

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